Colorado Rockies: How Trevor Story honored Ian Desmond on Opening Night

While Ian Desmond may not have been a part of the 2020 Opening Day roster for the Colorado Rockies, Trevor Story made sure to let his teammate know he was on his mind.

As plans for the 2020 Major League Baseball season began to take shape earlier this summer, Ian Desmond of the Colorado Rockies announced that he would opt out of the season to focus on his family and some of the bigger issues taking place in our society.

“With a pregnant wife and four young children who have lots of questions about what’s going on in the world, home is where I need to be right now,” Desmond wrote in a lengthy and poignant Instagram post. “Home for my wife, Chelsey. Home to help. Home to guide. Home to answer my older three boys’ questions about Coronavirus and Civil Rights and life. Home to be their Dad.”

Rockies All-Star shortstop Trevor Story has been a vocal supporter of Desmond’s decision since it was first announced. Story continued that support by wearing a wristband with Desmond’s number on it in Friday’s 1-0 loss to the Texas Rangers in the season-opening game for both teams in Arlington, Texas.

This season would have been the fourth year of a five-year contract with the Rockies signed by Desmond prior to the 2017 campaign. Colorado general manager Jeff Bridich, who inked Demsond to the deal, has been supportive of Desmond. His decision to not play in 2020 will not affect his status with the team for the 2021 campaign.

Story, meanwhile, was 0-for-2 in Friday’s loss, but drew two walks and stole a base in the second inning. He also struck out once, part of 14 strikeouts chalked up by the Rockies against four different Texas pitchers.