Colorado Rockies podcast: Change in the broadcast booth, scandal in baseball, and a familiar topic

With all of the news happening this week, we decided to do two episodes of the Rox Pile Colorado Rockies Report podcast.

This past week was probably the dramatic and newsworthy week in baseball in over a decade so my co-expert Kevin Henry and I decided to talk about some of the news of the week in a two part podcast.

In the first part, we discussed the retirement of Larry Walker’s #33 and discussed the Hall of Fame ballot process and what we think will happen on Tuesday, when the results are announced but we change it up a bit in the second part.

We first discuss how iHeartMedia laid Colorado Rockies off radio broadcaster Jerry Schemmel, who had spent ten seasons with the Rockies after nearly two decades as the voice of the Denver Nuggets. iHeartMedia has been laying off a number of people both on-air and behind-the-scenes across the country in a cost-cutting measure.

We also discussed how they laid off six employees in Des Moines, Iowa only to rehire all six after they fired AND also added another station to their radio signal.

We also discussed Schemmel’s charitable career and some aspects of him as a person. Some of what we mentioned was discussed in this conversation, when Schemmel was gracious enough to give us some of his time in August.

Then we transitioned to a discussion about the Houston Astros and their sign stealing using technology and the implications on two other teams. In that we discussed the massive Twitter theories on other things not mentioned in Rob Manfred’s report and our thoughts on the punishments. Also, we discussed some of the people the Astros are going to have to face in the American League and other issues they have had even before the sign-stealing allegations.

In the last minute or so, we also discuss the Nolan Arenado trade rumors and sum the overall rumors briefly.

Take a listen to part two above or you can download it from anywhere else you get your podcasts.


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