Colorado Rockies exclusive: Garrett Hampson on his month of September, 2020 outlook

The Colorado Rockies saw some improvements in players and the record in September compared to August. One of the players that the Rockies saw remarkable improvement in September was Garrett Hampson.

Entering Wednesday, August 28, the Rockies were facing the reigning World Champion Boston Red Sox in a quick two-game series at Coors Field. The Rockies had been reeling for much of the summer as they only went 19-40 in their last 59 games heading into Wednesday.

While the Rockies would lose eight straight games before their next win (September 6 in San Diego), that game was the start of what would become a remarkable final 27 games for Garrett Hampson.

He would hit .352/.400/.560 with 5 home runs, 10 RBI, 32 hits, 16 runs, and 10 stolen bases in 100 plate appearances. Entering that game, Hampson was hitting .208/.265/.317 with 3 home runs, 17 RBI, 42 hits, 24 runs, and only five stolen bases in 221 plate appearances.


Last week before the Rockies season finale at Coors Field, Rox Pile’s Kevin Henry spoke exclusively with Hampson about his late season surge.

“I was able to make some pretty good adjustments at the plate,” said Hampson, “and [the adjustments] just got me in a better spot. Obviously, confidence wise too, you can’t have enough confidence in this league. You are going to get worn out [late in the season] but I started to play my game a little more, using my speed a little more and just contributing any way I could. That’s all I’m trying to do, honestly.”

As Rox Pile’s Luke Mullins discussed in this article a week ago, his offensive surge was largely due to the toe-tap that he added late in the season.

“That was the main adjustment that just allowed me to be earlier and kind of free up some space on the inside pitch and I was able to barrel up some more balls,” said Hampson.

Also, this season, the Rockies utilized him in 15 or more games at second base, shortstop, or center field plus two games in left field as well. Before 2019, he had never seen more than nine games in a season in the outfield (that was last season). With his 33 games in the outfield this season, it is something that he is much more comfortable with.

“[I’ve had a] big improvement there,” said Hampson. “I feel really good out there–very comfortable–especially here (at Coors Field) with the big outfield. I had fun while doing it too so it just brings something else that I can do [for the team] next year as well.”

Entering the offseason and looking forward to 2020, being a guy that can rove around to different positions is a role that Hampson is embracing and he is going to work on a lot this offseason.

“Just continuing to work at everything, honestly,” said Hampson. “I gotta be ready to go [next spring]. That’s kind of my thing–being able to move around on the infield, move around in the outfield–so I have to be ready to do that and just keep on getting better everywhere.”

For the Rockies entering 2020, Hampson is a guy that the Rockies will look to continuing improving and perhaps, if he can play like he did to end 2019, he could even be an everyday player for years to come.