Colorado Rockies: Possible trade proposals later in 2018

DENVER, CO - APRIL 21: Charlie Blackmon
DENVER, CO - APRIL 21: Charlie Blackmon /
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It’s beginning to become very clear that the Colorado Rockies won’t be signing anyone anytime soon. Why would they as the regular season begins next week?

Signing may be out of the question, but trades are never off the table, especially as we near the 2018 trade deadline later in the season. In this article, I’ll over possible trade proposals. I’ll be analyzing every team that could have something to add to the Rockies. I will also go over who would be included in the trades as well.

Tyler Glasnow

Trade Proposal: Tyler Glasnow to Colorado Rockies

Who will Pittsburgh get: Jordan Patterson, Jairo Diaz, and either prospects or cash considerations

Here’s why: The Rockies are already going young with their pitching staff so adding Glasnow would only make sense for the Rockies. The 24-year-old Glasnow didn’t have the best year last season, but that doesn’t mean he’s not worth examining.

Though he had a high ERA (7.69), he did strike out 51 batters but also had a WHIP of 2.016 pitching in 62 innings. I believe sometimes it’s the team that affects the pitcher more than what the pitcher can bring to the plate. However, if there is anyone and I mean anyone who can coach young pitchers, it’s Colorado pitching coach Steve Foster. Look at what he’s done with the current starting rotation. This year will be the year of young pitchers in Denver.

Now you may wonder where Glasnow would fit in with the rotation. I believe either the Rockies bump out the fifth man or they could move one of their current starters into a reliever type role.