Colorado Rockies Sunday Sit Down with Marc Stout

DENVER - JUNE 14: A close-up view of a remote television camera in a photo well at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies on June 14, 2004 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
DENVER - JUNE 14: A close-up view of a remote television camera in a photo well at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies on June 14, 2004 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images) /
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Your last year they make the playoffs, bittersweet?

I feel I went out on  high note. Ryan Hanigan and I poured Coors Lights on each other’s heads as we were singing “They don’t write em like that anymore”, The Break Up Song by the Greg Kihn Band.

In the September edition of the Rockies Magazine, they did a feature on Hanigan. One was question was, “What is your go to karaoke song?” It was The Break Up Song. A big hit in the early 80’s so it was right up my alley. I go up to Hanny and I tell him, when you guys clinch we’re doing this on the air. So Hanny says to me in this heavy Boston accent “I might have to bomb a few beers first.” After the game, it was a maylay, people everywhere. I walked out of the clubhouse into the hallway and I find him. “Dude you have to do this with me.” Danny says, “No no. I’m going to do it at a club later.” In my mind I’m thinking this is the last thing I want to do on TV. He agrees as long as we pour beers over each others heads.

JP: Near the end of the season, it was announced you weren’t coming back…

Stout: We did a thing on air where we told everyone. I didn’t want this to be about anything more than me changing my career path. I don’t want anything to interfere with the broadcast or a team that’s in the middle of a race. So we did it during a day game a few weeks before the race heated up. I had to make the decision to change careers because I was going on the radio to cover the Broncos and the season was starting.

JP: I know it wont be the same without you. For all of those who left Root/AT&T SportsNet, Charissa Thompson,  Alanna Rizzo, you will most certainly be missed. Next year, we’re going to be thinking, “Where are our Stoutistics?”

Stout: It was fun. It’s a grind. The weird thing at the end is we don’t cover the playoffs, so we didn’t go down to Arizona for the Wild Card game. MLB has all these weird rules. You can’t go on air until 45 minutes after the game. So, from a money standpoint, it didn’t make sense to travel down there.

JP: You’ve done everything in Denver sports from calling Rapids games, DU Hockey games, University of Wyoming Basketball games, Avalanche Hockey games and traveled with the Broncos for two Super Bowls. What is your favorite sports memory?

Stout: I had an unbelivable interview with Jamie Moyer when he became the oldest winning pitcher in the history of the game against the San Diego Padres. Jim Tracy was the manager at the time and was up at the podium. He makes it quick and says, “I’ll let you guys get to Jamie.” The Rockies former PR manager motions to me and says, “MLB’s cameras won’t work. We need you to interview Jamie on your cameras from the dugout.” I’ll never forget I walked through the clubhouse and all the players are waiting for Moyer.

The thing about Moyer and I is we are one month apart in age. He’s from Philly and I’m from Jersey, so we have this East Coast thing together. I do this interview and ask minimal questions. Like what does this game mean to you and he basically breaks down. It was an emotional moment. He’s really smart and all his answers are almost profound.

Jamie goes to the press room and I go to the clubhouse. I have run of the mill of player to interview.

Dexter Fowler

yells to me, “I want to talk about old school!”

Jason Giambi

wants to chime in. Everyone wants to discuss Moyer. It was cool because you normally don’t get to pick like that. So that moment and the Hanigan thing.

You’re a self proclaimed rocker, so  what would be your walk up song?

Def Leppard, “Do you want to get rocked” (Marc breaks out in song). They play at Coors this year and I won’t be working games this summer so I get to go! (Marc is a die hard Def Leppard fan).

One last Stoutistic?

Ichiro has never stole home. He’s attempted and been caught three times.

6/15/02 @ SD Bobby Jones and Wiki GonzalezJohn Olerud hitting

5/2/05 @ SEA Jarrod Washburn and Jose MolinaRichie Sexson was hitting, struck out looking

4/30/10 @ SEA Frank Francisco and Matt Treanor– Eric Brynes was hitting

By the way, Todd Helton is 2-for-4 stealing home.

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Thanks for the memories Marc. Sometimes you swing and don’t miss.

You can find Marc on The Orange and Blue 760 AM. He co-hosts with former Bronco Ray Crockett on the Crockett and Stout show.