Colorado Rockies: New Year’s Resolutions for the 2018 season

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Carlos Gonzalez of the Colorado Rockies

Carlos Gonzalez making a diving catch in right field. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Christmas has come and gone, but don’t be sad as there is much to look forward to. As we roll into 2018, it’s time we talk about our resolutions for the new year.

The Rockies have a lot to look forward to and only a few things to improve on. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, the slate is clean for the Rockies to start anew. Like everyone else the Rockies should have a list of their resolutions. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Do not resign Carlos Gonzalez

You’d think it’d be one of those unspoken things that everyone knows. Gonzalez started the 2017 season off in poor form, though picked up around the second half, particularly in September when he hit .377 with 6 home runs and 16 RBI. When the Wild Card game came around, he ended the season with a .262 batting average, 14 home runs, and 57 RBI, down from a .298 batting average, 25 home runs, and 100 RBI.

His defensive skills are the most appealing for the Rockies to resign him. However, the Rockies would most certainly be playing a game of chance with keeping him. Even though his last contract season with the Rockies didn’t as well as fans would have hoped, CarGo will always have a spot in every Rockies fans’ heart.

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