Rockies Trade Dickerson to Tampa for McGee: Twitter Reaction


Welp, it’s official. The Colorado Rockies have made their first subtraction from their outfield surplus, trading 26-year-old Corey Dickerson for closer Jake McGee along with minor leaguers on both sides, with FOXSports’ Ken Rosenthal first on the news. The minor leaguers haven’t been announced and we’ll update you as soon as we hear. Instead, let’s take a lap around Rockies twitter and see the immediate reactions;

The Purple Dinosaur Podcast is a great follow regardless of their #hottakes about #traids. This is the least cheeky tweet I could find in the last half hour.

Another reason why the Rockies might be making this trade; McGee is part of a larger trade or will have more value than Dickerson at the trade deadline this year. If McGee continues to pitch at his career numbers in Colorado, he’ll have more value than Dickerson will as a trade chip.

Bryan Kilpatrick makes the counterpoint; after not flipping Jose Reyes at the deadline last season, should we hang our hopes on a second trade at the deadline? History says probably not.

McGee does address a major area of need for the Rockies if he stays with the time, however unlikely that may be.

Again, once we have the details of the trade we’ll have more in-depth analysis and hundreds of hot takes. At this point, let’s just appreciate Corey Dickerson, be sad that he’s gone and wish him and his beatiful swing luck in Tampa Bay.

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