Colorado Rockies Rundown: Prospects, Playoffs, And More

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Sep 23, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder A. McCutchen (22) (left) and Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder S. Marte (6) and outfielder K. Broxton (60) celebrate the win over the Colorado Rockies. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates party at Coors Field

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The Pittsburgh Pirates had a little celebration at Coors Field when they defeated the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday night:

Of course, the Pirates were celebrating the fact that for the third year in a row, they’d clinched a playoff berth. In fact, for the third year in a row, they clinched a playoff berth on September 23. So I guess you could say that’s a lucky day in Pittsburgh sports history.

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The Rockies helped them out a bit:

For some reason, this took on a lot of controversy among Rockies fans and followers. Why? What’s wrong with being happy for a ball club that won a playoff berth at your stadium?

That doesn’t mean bending over backwards to make them look good at your own expense, but it also doesn’t mean ignoring a celebration like this and being… a jerk. I dunno. Am I wrong?

Besides, the Pirates held Andrew McCutchen at third base in the ninth inning when he could’ve easily scored their 14th run of the game, and then the Bucs had a very muted on-field celebration just with handshakes instead of the proverbial mob scene after clinching. They did it classy on the field, so the Rockies get to do it classy after the game. Makes sense to me.

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