Five Options For The Colorado Rockies IF They Fire Walt Weiss

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Option #4: A Polar Bear

I mentioned it above, but bear (haha) with me on this one. A menacing killer of the arctic may not be a bad idea here. It would certainly get this team motivated to play every day. Over the past month, a few Rockies have decided to voice their frustration including Nolan Arenado and Jose Reyes. Well, you think these players would still run their mouths if a bear was in charge? No way, pal. That bear would make sure these players never said anything bad while he was in charge.

A second pro to this bear idea is how adorable a bear would look in a ball cap and jersey. If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s an animal in human clothing. Plus, could a bear be any worse at managing the bullpen at this point? Heck, I bet even he wouldn’t be out dropping Boone Logan in the 8th inning against three righties.

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