Jeff Bridich’s GM Grades As Rocky Movies

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Aug 10, 2015; New York City, NY, USA; Colorado Rockies starting pitcher J. Gray (55) pitches in the second inning against the New York Mets at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Rocky II: The Handling of Jon Gray

Jon Gray is the probably the best pitching prospect the Rockies have ever had. Better than Ubaldo, better than Jason Jennings, heck he’s even better than Greg Reynolds. So, it was frustrating for fans and Mark Kiszla to watch Bridich baby the prospect through Albuquerque before calling him up in early August. What fans want more than anything is instant satisfaction and what Rocky II provided more than any other Rocky film was that satisfaction.

After Rocky’s defeat in the first film, the entire basis of the second movie was the re-match. Rocky fought hard enough to earn the respect and admiration of the nation, but could he win the belt? Could he ever become the heavyweight champion of the world?

Well, Jon is the same and Bridich’s handling of Jon sparked tension and hype for months, much like the eventual re-match of Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed.

Jon’s been very good since his debut, by the way.

And Rocky won that freakin’ belt.

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