Future Colorado Rockies: Modesto Nuts August 13 Update

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Modesto Nuts logo [Image via Twitter/Colorado Rockies]

The Colorado Rockies’ California League affiliate is shaping up to hold some of the organization’s better and more exciting prospects in 2015.

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The Modesto Nuts may be in the hard-hitting California League, but as of late, they’ve been extremely pitching-focused — and their starters are beginning to fill out some very solid years.

Unfortunately, though, by that same token they’ve been completely held in check on offense, which is rare for the advanced class-A level.

Remember, though: the Nuts are in a playoff hunt, with a team that primarily were the guys who won the South Atlantic League in 2014 with the Asheville Tourists, having now moved up one level to try again in Modesto.

The last week (0-6): That was a tough week for the Nuts, eh? They only scored 12 runs in their six losses, with the bats completely disappearing (though considering the pitching staff only allowed 21 runs, and endured 1-0 and 2-1 losses during the stretch, all was not lost).

Either way, the oh-fer (four or which were on the road) really killed the Nuts, who were in first place in their division before the streak, and are now in second place again behind the Visalia Rawhide. There’s still about three weeks left to win the second half in the division, though.

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