Future Colorado Rockies: Grand Junction Rockies August 9 Update

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The Colorado Rockies’ rookie ball affiliate is winding down their season on the Western Slope as player movement to full-season leagues begins.

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Todd Helton came to the park and gave the Pioneer League a little bit of Colorado Rockies big league flare, and the Grand Junction Rockies had a great flourish to finish out this past week in rookie level baseball, only to… go winless.

No, really. They didn’t win a game this week. Let’s chat it up below, and look at some GJ Rox stuff on the next few slides.

The last week (0-5): Ok, so it was a tough week for the Grand Junction Rockies, as they went 0-5 (and missed a few days thanks to the Pioneer League All Star Game that was played earlier in the week. But… you’re going to have 0-5 weeks, right? (Remember the Colorado Rockies’ 11-game losing streak in April/May of this year?)

So, as long as it’s a learning process, and there’s still good stuff going on… yeah. But a winless week still sucks, development or not.

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