NEWS BRIEF: Colorado Rockies Forget They Can’t Develop Pitching; Debut Jon Gray


Last night, in a blatant act of defiance of fan belief and opinion, the Rockies debuted top prospect and right-handed pitcher Jon Gray.

Gray pitched fairly well throwing 77 pitches in four innings of work, striking out four and walking two. He allowed two earned runs, both in the first inning, and five hits.

Really an annoying situation because the Rockies can’t develop pitchers under Dick Monfort and really the fact they are even trying is stupid.

Gray’s fastball showed varying velocity all night (once touching 97) and he showed he could work high in the zone with reasonable effectiveness. But honestly, what’s even the point? The only thing this team can do is develop hitters so it’s stupid for the team to even draft pitchers that will eventually fail anyway.

Gray’s first inning was definitely emotion driven, his nerves getting to him after allowing a couple of base hits and throwing a wild pitch. But even when he was at his worst he showed the touches of talent that got the team excited for the prospect’s potential in Denver.

He threw 33 pitches in the first and 44 the next three, showing an improved command of the strike zone the rest of the way before being pinch hit for in the bottom of the fourth in a 3-3 game.

In a continuance of this frustrating turn of events, it appears the Rockies will continue to start Gray in the major leagues instead of giving up on what will eventually be another failed pitcher in the long line of failed pitchers that the Monforts have given us.

The worst part of the whole thing was the Rockies debuted Jon at home, so people could watch him from their precious Party Deck. Considering how Rockies fans basically go to Coors just to party anyway, it’s no surprise Monfort chose to debut the eventual disaster in front of a bunch of fans that won’t even watch or care about wins and losses.

Gray’s slider fooled hitters like Nelson Cruz all night with its deceptive late movement and his riding fastball painted the corners of the zone, getting two of his strikeouts looking. But it was painfully obvious it was just a matter of time before he exploded into a million pieces and the Monforts would still be pitching him well after his effectiveness waned.

Bloggers everywhere tweeted their happiness and excitement over Gray’s effective debut, continuing to drink the Kool-Aid that the Rockies feed them by expecting a pitcher to pan out in Denver. It’s just sad really, seeing excitement and happiness on people’s faces over something that the more enlightened people know will eventually fail.

After the trade of known fan-hater Troy Tulowitzki it appeared the organization had finally decided to adhere to the demands of its more intelligent fans and not the Monfort water boys that populate it’s social media community.

But instead, they debuted yet another pitcher. It’s a shame this organization still believes someone could pitch for them considering all the pitchers that have failed before Jon made his debut last night. But alas, I guess we will just have to suffer through another 10 years of bad pitching and fan apologists before the organization accepts real change.

But don’t worry, I believe in him. I just know he’s going to fail.