Future Colorado Rockies: New Britain Rock Cats August 5 Update

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The Colorado Rockies’ Eastern League affiliate welcomed the biggest piece of the Tulo trade to Connecticut this week, and he may not be there long.

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The New Britain Rock Cats’ countdown to obliteration has begun!

Ok, that sounds harsh, but this team will be moving to Hartford for 2016, of course, so they don’t have a whole lot longer left in their longtime home — they have just 32 games left overall (including Wednesday night’s game), and just 15 of those are in New Britain.

The last week (3-4): The Rock Cats split the last seven days with a road series in Binghamton, New York, and a home series against the Erie Sea Wolves.

Can we pause and look at some of the locations of these AA Eastern League teams, though? Binghamton, Erie, Reading, Altoona, New Britain (soon to be Hartford), Trenton, Bowie, Maryland… goodness. Sure, there are probably a couple places that are a bit more scenic — Portland, Maine, and the Blue Jays’ affiliate in New Hampshire — but a lot of these towns are hard-ass East Coast industry (or formerly industry) cities.

That’s minor league baseball, I guess! I am 100% spoiled due to living in Los Angeles right now, and 200% spoiled growing up in a place like Denver. Between those two places, the industrial northeast ain’t lookin’ so hot. But the Rock Cats are! Hit the jump, let’s talk baseball.

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