Future Colorado Rockies: Grand Junction Rockies August 2 Update

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The Colorado Rockies’ rookie ball affiliate will have Todd Helton in attendance this coming weekend, so get excited for that on the Western Slope!

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The big news in Grand Junction this week is that former Colorado Rockies legendary first baseman Todd Helton will be coming to the Western Slope for an on-field ceremony, autograph signings, and a host of other stuff on Friday, August 7th.

Helton, who rehabbed for two games in Grand Junction in 2012 when he was recovering from an injury, will be receiving some kind of special gift on the field immediately before Friday night’s game, too. Considering the special gift he received last time he was called out to the field early, well… the GJ Rockies have some big shoes to fill (literally?).

Anyways, let’s get to the team and we’ll recap Helton after it happens on Friday.

The last week (2-5): The GJ Rockies saw a tough end to July, winning just two of their final five games after having won four of the five immediately proceeding.

Pitching betrayed the Baby Rox this week; they allowed 65 runs in the seven games, and even though their offense kept the club in a few of them, any time you’re averaging allowing a run an inning for an entire week, well, those weeks usually won’t work out too well for you.

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