Future Colorado Rockies: Boise Hawks August 1 Update

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The Boise Hawks are in the midst of their first season as the Colorado Rockies’ minor league affiliate in the short-season A Northwest League. 

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The Colorado Rockies’ short-season class A affiliate in Boise changed club presidents this week (insert your why can’t the Rockies do the same joke here), but other than from a sponsorship and sales perspective, it’s not really going to affect the club.

After all, minor league on-field products are dictated by the big league player development guys, so it’s not like a Hawks’ general manager or president is going to trade for some hot new short-season level player (but that’d be a hell of a thing if they could, right?)

Anyways, other than the business side of things, the baseball was pretty much as-usual for the Hawks this week. Let’s recap it.

The last week (3-4): The Hawks went 3-4 on the week, but pitching and defense was the name of the game. In seven games over the past seven days, the Hawks outscored their opponents 31-30, with each side averaging just over four runs per game.

The Northwest League isn’t as much of a hitter’s league as the rookie level (and geographically comparable) Pioneer League, but considering the players here are relatively professionally inexperienced, it’s notable that the pitching across the board was so strong over the past seven.

With that being said…

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