Future Colorado Rockies: Boise Hawks July 25 Update

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The Boise Hawks are in the midst of their first season as members of the Colorado Rockies’ affiliate tree, in the short-season A Northwest League. 

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The Boise Hawks keep chuggin’ along, probably still dealing with that whole setting sun thing, although the news on that has sort of gone by the wayside. What they are absolutely doing is hitting the hell out of the ball in short-season rookie ball, but that’s true of pretty much every team in the Northwest League.

So let’s get caught up on the Colorado Rockies’ brand new short-season A affiliate in Boise, Idaho…

The last week (3-4): This is an improvement for the Hawks, who actually just came off a streak where they had lost seven of eight games, but going into play on Friday evening, they had won three of their last seven contests — all home games.

The season isn’t really going how the Hawks had planned, though; the team is just 12-23 entering play on Friday and they’ve already been eliminated from first-half contention in the Northwest League’s South Division. Luckily, they can right the ship in the second half, but an uninspired first 35 games have been an unfortunate way for many of these players to start their very, very young careers.

The Hawks are currently the second-best hitting team in the league, but they are the very worst pitching team (by a landslide)… does that sound familiar to anyone, Rockies fans?

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