Examining The Colorado Rockies At The Trade Deadline

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Trade candidate: Tulo

Jeramiah: Keep

 Undoubtedly Tulowitzki has big the biggest and most frequent name involved in trade rumors for the Rockies the past two years. The narrative seems to be swayed strongly in favor of trading the perennial All-Star short stop. The general notion has been the Rockies are in need of a culture change and that begins with trading their highest paid player (Tulo). I love the thought of a player spending his entire career with one team and after Tulo’s comments during the All-Star game I’d say he does as well.  However the Rockies can’t hold onto the Super Star simply because he wants to stay.

While many may argue the trading of Tulo could net some much-needed MLB ready pitching depth.  I’m in favor of keeping him for at least two more years, until Trevor story or Brendan Rogers are to make an impact at the big league level.  While Tulo carries a heavy price tag, he’s still the best two-way short stop in the game.

I think the Rockies look at tulo like the girlfriend they can’t break up with.  Why should they part?  So some other guy gets and early 30’s hot blonde and home cooked meals every night?  Sure you might get three or four new girls, but why settle for sevens when you have a ten.

The pro trade Tulo people will tell you he’s a locker room cancer, doesn’t sign autographs and simply doesn’t have the stats his contract should suggest.  I can’t confirm the first, don’t care about the second and stats simply don’t do Tulo justice.  He’s the best offensive short stop in the game and arguably the best defensive one.  If you take his WAR/600 (WAR per 600 plate appearances, WAR/PA x 600) it ranks as one of the best all-time for a ss, including Ernie Banks and Alex Rodriguez’s 2001 season.

Every MLB team drafts and develops players in hopes that one in hundreds pan out to the caliber of Tulo.  All of the Rockies struggles can’t be blamed one Tulo.  I think the Rockies have the ability to move some other pieces and build a better pitching staff and field a better team around Tulo.  Until one of the youngsters forces the Rockies hand or Tulo’s skills fall off of a cliff, the Rockies would be better off trading other sell high players and keeping Tulo.

Greg: Trade Coming into the season Tulo’s trade value was not worthy of him being dealt.  With half a of a productive HEALTHY season in the books, now is the time to move the All-Star short stop.  With his defensive numbers down and more miles on the tires the Rockies can’t afford Tulo to break down again just to hope he regains his trade value.  While he carries a big price tag, his production comes at real bargain for interested teams.   With the depth in the minors at ss, it’s only a matter of time until the Rockies move on from Tulo.  Adames could hold the spot down until either Story or Rodgers are ready.  The $80 million the Rockies would save on Tulo’s future salary could be used to greatly upgrade the pitching staff.

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