The Colorado Rockies Are Content (For Now) With Walt Weiss


Jun 12, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies manager Walt Weiss (22) is restrained by home plate umpire Jordan Baker (left) after being ejected during the eighth inning against the Atlanta Braves at Coors Field. The Rockies won 10-3. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies appear to be content (for now) with Walt Weiss, if general manager Jeff Bridich’s recent media comments are to be believed.

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It’s no secret that Walt Weiss has had a tough time as the manager of the Colorado Rockies. The club has had the league’s worst winning percentage since the start of 2014, and Weiss’ tenure goes back even a year before that with a bad 2013 campaign, too.

And now in his third season as the Rockies’ skipper, Weiss is starting to feel heat. We got curious about this yesterday with a poll question asking about Weiss’ job security.

And this week, Nick Groke in the Denver Post put up a good piece about Weiss and the slow start, as well as pointing out the fact that the two other worst teams in the National League (the Brewers and Marlins) have already fired their managers.

However, Weiss isn’t thus far afraid of losing his job – at all – telling Groke:

"“This is my third season, and we haven’t won. And I’m sure people ask about my security here, I’m sure that becomes a topic. But I have to tell you, honestly, I have zero fear of losing my job. Not that it can’t happen — I knew it could happen the day I signed up; it’s almost inevitable in this seat. But it is definitely not a fear of mine.”"

Should it be?

General manager Jeff Bridich, too, doesn’t seem to think Weiss’ performance warrants being fired, telling Groke:

"“There’s no issue there. Throwing around blame is a very dangerous thing to do. The manager and the coaches don’t step on the field and take a bat and step into the batter’s box, and they don’t take the ball to stand on the mound.”"

That’s true. But the manager also sets the attitude and pace of the team.

And the manager ultimately has to be accountable to his players, and to management, over his team’s performance (especially on this team after Bill Geivett’s micromanaging ways have been removed, leaving Weiss alone to make on-field decisions).

What do you think, Rockies fans? Are rumors of Weiss’ doom well-based, or should the Rockies give him a longer leash to figure things out? Do you want Walt Weiss to remain the Rockies’ manager this year regardless of on-field performance?