Meet Your New Colorado Rockie: Chad Bettis


Tyler Matzek was sent to Albuquerque and the Rockies went with a four man rotation but that could not last and a decision for a fifth starter had to be made. The decision has been made. Enter Chad Bettis.

Chad Bettis has been good this year and was the only player that belonged on my “good” list on my breakdown of Albuquerque pitching earlier this season.

"Bettis had not had a decision in his first four games and game five, last Sunday, would be no different, even with Bettis throwing a solid six inning. Bettis pitched 6 strong allowing 1 ER (1 run scored unearned as well) scattering 6 hits and 3 walks while striking out five in the Topes 5-4 win on . He has lowered his ERA to 3.86. This is someone Dick Monfort specifically named when we talked to him last week. Bettis could be the next up in Colorado, bypassing Gray if he continues to pitch as solid as he has."

Bettis’s 3.97 ERA is 2 points below Colorado’s league worst ERA. As mentioned above, Bettis is someone Dick Monfort specifically named as a player to watch for the Rockies rotation so this is a player to watch.

Bettis has been to the big leagues before and not so successful. His 6.88 lifetime ERA is not something you like but his talent has shined this year at Albuquerque. Can he get out big league hitters like he has in AAA? We’ll find out soon but he looks as ready as you can look. Bettis’s fastball is greatly improved and if he has true control of that, he can be the best starter on the Rockies. (Insert joke here)

Bettis’s start Thursday is a big one for the Rockies as they have to start to show some pitching ability in their farm system.