Colorado Rockies Vs LA Dodgers, Snow Days Save Us


IF snow hits Denver, the Colorado avoid facing Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The streak is over.  No, not the Rockies losing streak, my personal streak of correctly guessing the outcome of each Rockies series this season.  With the Diamondbacks winning the last series 2-Love (how can the word  “love” be a synonym of “zero” ?  Why not something more appropriate like “brutal”?) my record falls to 7-1-1. 

The Rockies are scheduled to play the Dodgers this weekend but methinks Mama Nature has other plans:

"Steady rain showers and light breezes are expected through the weekend in the Denver metro area, with up to 5 inches of snow a possibility by Saturday night, the national weather service forecasts. Denver Post"

Am I only the Rockies fan who hopes that tonight’s game is the only game being played against Dodgers?

No my ankles aren’t broken from jumping off the bandwagon.  I’m still on the bandwagon but here are some excerpts from the “Crystal Ball” article I wrote leading into the first series against the Dodgers earlier this season:

"How much purple juice do you need to drink to believe the Rockies can get to Clayton Kershaw?  Go ahead, pour a tall glass, I’ll wait.In the Rockies first meeting last season (June 7) against Greinke, our boys put up 11 hits and 4 runs in 7 innings.  In their next 3 meetings combined versus Greinke, the Rockies mustered a combined 4 runs….Greinke got stronger against our bats."

The Rockies did manage two homeruns off of Kershaw (Tulo in the 4th and Blackmon in the 5th) but collectively struck out twelve (12) times.

Greinke’s start was pedestrian just like season giving up 5 hits and 3 runs only striking out 3.  Greinke made it to the 7th inning  but couldn’t get out of it with a DJ LeMahieu homerun being his curtain call.  A new wrinkle in Greinke’s game…THE BAT FLIP.

With a return engagement against these Dodgers in exactly one week, maybe just maybe, a few items on the Rockies to-do list can be accomplished.

  • Carlos Gonzalez can find his timing.
  • Jordan Lyles, Tyler Matzek, Eddie Butler, and Kyle Kendrick are all players that are a four or five starter on any staff.”  Rox Pile writer Andrew Dill grumbles.  If they all played closer to a #3 starter rather than failed inning eaters, confidence rises..
  • The “bench brothers” Rafael Ynoa (1 hit in May), Daniel Descalso (0 hits in May), Drew Stubbs (2 hits in May) can produce more regularly.

Until then, here’s hoping that Eddie Butler can play like a #3 starter tonight.  Of course for that matter,  the “bench brothers” and CarGo also need to contribute.  If that happens while the Coors Shield is in full effect, good things should happen. Taking the mound for the Dodgers, former Rockies pitcher Brett Anderson who has a 3.54 ERA at Coors Field.

My official prediction in case the weather allows a full 3 game series…Rockies win tonight, lose versus the aces (it’s not fair that ace is plural in this case).