Drew Stubbs Strikes Out A Lot


Jun 16, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Colorado Rockies center fielder Drew Stubbs (13) strikes out with two runners on base during the first inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Stubbs strikes out quite a bit. He always has throughout his career, but this spring has been something to see: 23 strikeouts in 48 plate appearances (47.9%) to go along with a .195/.313/.341 slash line.

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  • I know, I know, Spring Training stats don’t count. Guys are working on stuff (like new leg kicks) and getting their timing down against live pitching.

    You don’t have to convince me that it doesn’t really matter, but is there a point where you inevitably start worrying about spring trends carrying over into summer problems? Because I think, with Stubbs, we might be at that point.

    Corey Dickerson started slow this spring, but has turned it on well enough recently as he gets ready for the real thing.

    Brandon Barnes’ leg kick and other kinks are getting worked out in ABs now for the season ahead. Jordan Lyles, too, is peaking at the right time for his first summer start. That’s the ideal way you’d like to see Spring Training go for guys, right?

    But Stubbs has been the opposite: he’s regressed significantly as we get closer to Opening Day.

    He hasn’t had a hit since March 19th. He’s 0-for-17 since then with 14 strikeouts and one walk to his name. A mini-slump where somebody is still putting the ball in play happens, and should be expected in March for a lot of guys, but Stubbs is whiffing at a prodigious rate. He’s not even making weak contact. It’s a wind farm out there.

    Why does this matter, aside from the obvious fact that you probably don’t want to play a guy very much if he can’t put the ball in play (let alone get on base)?

    Well, Stubbs is a good trade candidate, theoretically. He’ll be a free agent after the season who probably doesn’t fit in the Rockies’ long-term plans if a rebuild (or whatever) is on the horizon. He was great for the club last year, hitting 50 points higher than his career average and showing power (22 doubles, 15 home runs) and speed (20 stolen bases, three times caught stealing).

    2014 certainly upped his value after a lean year with the Indians, and Stubbs seemed to be making himself into a great trade deadline piece for a contending team. But now?

    I know, the season is a marathon, not a sprint, and Stubbs can still right the ship. This could be just a really bad Spring Training slump coming in the worst way, at the worst time. At the very least, he won’t strike out 48% of the time this summer… right?