Troy Tulowitzki Won’t Be Traded, My Columns

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Troy Tulowitzki won’t be traded to the Oakland A’s

There is no rumor here, only speculation that the A’s aren’t done and that their bizarre moves so far this off-season are positioning them for something larger and splashier. Something, perhaps, like a trade for Troy Tulowitzki.

Why the Rockies shouldn’t want it

They already beat Billy Beane in a trade once. Do they really think it’s going to happen again? If the A’s became interested in Tulo, that should be a red flag that he represents a good value and that the Rockies should be hesitant to trade him.

Even if this is the off-season that Beane has miffed his usual troops of supporters, he is a different kind of cat. If the A’s ever became interested in Tulo beyond the speculation of reporters, it should make the Rockies nervous.

Why it won’t happen

Well, it’s not even a thing yet, for one. For another thing, it really doesn’t feel like the kind of move the A’s will make this off-season as they seemingly try to rebuild and contend at the same time.

What this shows

Billy Beane really is confusing the hell out of everybody this off-season.