Colorado Rockies: Lack of moves in 2014 will hurt new GM Jeff Bridich

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Keeping Brett Anderson

This one is more complicated. The Rockies had interested teams, including the Kansas City Royals, as Anderson put together a couple outstanding starts at the time around the deadline before he suffered a season-ending back injury. It is hard to fault the Rockies for wanting to keep him, but now it looms as a huge problem this off-season.

The Rockies have a $12 million option for Anderson next season. After signing Jorge De La Rosa, the Rockies simply don’t have room for Anderson’s contract.

Anderson was so good before he got hurt that he persuaded the Rockies to keep him rather than trade him. Perhaps the front office could have accounted for Anderson’s history and projected that he would get hurt again, but that’s easier said than done when the lefty was providing a rare glimmer of hope in a garbage dump of a season.

In the end, Bridich has to sit and watch Anderson leave for nothing as he declines that hefty $12 million option.

Possible solution #1: get aggressive about trading Carlos Gonzalez to clear the cap room to exercise Anderson’s option and take one more shot that he can stay healthy.

Possible solution #2: build a time machine, go back to last summer, and sell high on Anderson to maximize the value of such a talented player.