Throwback Thursday: Corey Dickerson interview with Rox Pile from March 2011


Corey Dickerson was 21 years old and a prospect in low-A when Rox Pile had the chance to interview him back in March, 2011. That was over a year before I joined the site. The interview was conducted by Logan Burdine, of Blake Street Bulletin fame later on and probably a familiar name to any fan who spends time surfing various web sites dedicated to the Colorado Rockies.

Logan is no longer in the sports writing game, but he deserves a tip-of-the-cap for one thing: he called it that Dickerson was the real deal all the way in 2011. As part of his coverage of Dickerson for Rox Pile at the time, he was able to sit down with him for a lengthy interview.

It’s Throwback Thursday and it’s Corey Dickerson day here at Rox Pile, so I thought I would go back and re-read the interview and share it here. Knowing what we know now, there are some awesome tidbits to look back on in that March 2011 interview.

There is this answer from Dickerson, when asked about his personal drive to get better:

"Dickerson: I have a grudge. With how I was drafted and how good I know my talent is, I just want everyone to know it. I want to show it and work for it. I don’t want people just saying things, I want to show them that I have the talent."

Two words for you, Corey: mission accomplished.

Dickerson was not necessarily a highly-regarded prospect, drafted in the 8th round by the Rockies. That brought up another question and another outstanding answer from the young outfielder:

"LB: Do you put much stock in prospect rankings?Dickerson: Not at all. I know my talent and I know their talent. I live off that. That’s my drive. I like to prove people wrong."

Three and a half years later, it seems safe to say that Dickerson has proven his doubters wrong while validating the opinions of people who thought he had the talent to be a good big league hitter.

Finally, Logan provided some video of Dickerson honing his craft. It’s pretty darn fun to look back on these videos and then see the fruits of that hard work now that Dickerson has reached the big leagues.

This was back in 2011…

Fast forward to 2014…

Corey Dickerson, March 2011: “I know my talent and I know their talent. I live off that. That’s my drive. I like to prove people wrong.”