Alejandro De Aza and another trade the Colorado Rockies did not make


As a reader of Rox Pile, you might have been inclined to think that you would never see an article focused on anything that had to do with outfielder Alejandro De Aza. You thought wrong.

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On Saturday De Aza was traded from the Chicago White Sox to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for minor league pitchers Miguel Chalas and Mark Blackmar. That deal comes just under the September 1st deadline so that De Aza is eligible to appear in postseason games for the Orioles.

I now present to you the triple slash lines of De Aza and three Rockies’ outfielders:

In case anybody forgot, the Rockies have too many outfielders. They have these three plus Corey Dickerson, Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer. They do not want to trade Gonzalez and they reportedly want to re-sign Michael Cuddyer.

That means that they have had an opportunity to trade an outfielder, most likely Stubbs, if the opportunity presented itself.

It has presented itself, in fact…more than once. I am not saying that the Rockies were in negotiations specifically with the Orioles because I don’t know that. But I do know that teams are calling around and that teams are willing to give up pieces to get help in their outfield and lineup. It stands to reasons that those teams would call the Rockies given their surplus in that area.

You telling me the Rockies couldn’t have gotten value for one of their outfielders if the White Sox got something for De Aza?

I would never want to suggest that the Rockies get ripped off or sell valuable pieces for pennies on the dollar. Maybe the offers weren’t there for Stubbs or anybody else. But I have a hard time believing that, because the White Sox got two arms for De Aza and the Diamondbacks got the equivalent of a fortune for Gerardo Parra. That’s not to mention that all three guys, Stubbs, Blackmon, and Barnes, are candidates for major regression next season.

It seems crazy to think that teams are buying outfield help on the trade market and the Rockies sat on their hands all summer.