Rockies Blogger Panel Recording!


Among other topics discussed: the Giants. Why are they so dang lucky? Of course, they just had a particularly unlucky weekend. Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

One of the really fun parts about being a Rockies blogger are the occasional opportunities I have to hang out with other bloggers and do bloggery things. If you have never heard the word bloggery before, trust me, it is a word. It means geeking out on stuff like FIP and BABIP and WAR with likeminded folks who also spend their free time spouting opinions on the internet. They’re a great group. Also they’re pretty much all boys, so it’s very important that I represent.

Recently we had such a gathering at Breckenridge Brewery outside Coors Field. We were joined by such luminaries as Nick Groke of The Denver Post and Jonah Keri of Grantland. They know way more than I do by virtue of their smartness and their access to the team, but I tried to hold my own. If you listen, you’ll get to hear my rant about how sick I am of talking about the altitude. It’s fun.

June 7th Rockies Blogger Panel

Clicking on the link takes you to Rockies Zingers, whose own Richard Bergstrom organized the panel. Give it a listen!