Tyler Matzek set to make big league debut Wednesday night


After a thorough rambling consideration of prospect hype on these same Rox Pile electronic pages, we will now touch on a debut that is happening strictly out of necessity.

The Rockies are still waiting to officially make a move to add left-handed starting pitcher Tyler Matzek, but we know he will make his big league debut on Wednesday against the Atlanta Braves:

Matzek was the Rockies’ first round selection, 11th overall, all the way back in 2009. His road to the Rockies has been tumultuous, with command issues and meltdown type outings continuing to hinder his progress. If briefly, Matzek’s name was far from people’s minds except to note the Rockies’ issues in the draft. As far as that issue is concerned, big league success from Matzek would be quite significant.

As far as what we can expect to see from Matzek, I defer to a couple writers who know better than I do. Bryan Kilpatrick of Purple Row provided an excellent breakdown today in anticipation of Matzek’s debut. Scott Fults of Rockies Zingers wrote last week about what the Rockies have in Matzek.

In “floor/ceiling” terms, it sounds like the range of possible outcomes is wide with Matzek. His ceiling is sky-high because of his raw stuff, but boy is that floor low if he falls into some of those command struggles. For all the hard work he has put in to reach this point, here’s hoping he finds success in his first few big league starts for his own sake and for the sake of the poor, battered Rockies’ starting rotation.