Seeking the bright side after a tough road trip for the Colorado Rockies

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

3. The Rockies have played 10 more games on the road than they have at home

Look, I have no allusions about where this Rockies team stands after this recent road trip. They have no answers on offense when they are away from Coors Field, they have no answers for approximately 2.5 spots in their rotation, and they have no answers anywhere in the bullpen. There is a lot to worry about.

But here’s a way to spin the Rockies’ 28-28 record that is not entirely unreasonable: to have a .500 record at this point after playing 33 games on the road and 23 at home is actually a good sign. Sure, it is propped up by a 16-7 record in LoDo. Of course, the Rockies need to play much better next time they are on the road.

At the same time, wins at Coors Field count the same as those on the road. The Rockies certainly won’t keep winning at their current clip at home, and they face tough tests in the Dodgers and Braves on the home stand that is about to start. But if they can piece together one more dominant stretch at Coors Field, it could at least buy them time as they try to figure out how the heck to even resemble a competent team on the road.