Seeking the bright side after a tough road trip for the Colorado Rockies

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Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

2. Pitching help is on the way…seriously

The starting rotation and the bullpen for the Rockies are an absolute mess (not necessarily in that order). There are options to improve the pitching staff, both in the minor leagues and guys who will come off the disabled list between now and the All-Star break and beyond. While we don’t know who will be able to help and who won’t, the good news is that the Rockies have a long list of options to bolster their staff.

This starts with the guys who can help the rotation:

When that help arrives it also stands to improve the bullpen. Juan Nicasio may or may not find himself making that switch. Franklin Morales, maddening though he has been, can help as a reliever. There is even the outside possibility that the young guys could start their big league careers in the ‘pen.

There are still big questions, but the Rockies will at least have options to change things up and hopefully improve on the mound.