Seeking the bright side after a tough road trip for the Colorado Rockies

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

1. The absurdity of the Jeff Samardzija trade discussions, exposed

You know what’s cool? Keeping your top pitching prospects, especially when one of them (Jon Gray) has the ceiling of a true, legit ace.

You know what’s not cool? Making knee-jerk reactions and trading those prospects for a guy who has never been an ace but is off to a hot start this season, not to mention a guy would never, ever, ever sign with the Rockies beyond 2015.

You know what is even less cool than that last not-cool thing? Trading the best pitching prospect in team history for 1.5 years of a number-two/number-three starter, only to finish 10 games behind the Giants and Dodgers this season anyway.

You know what’s cool? Resisting the temptation to impose the mentality of the Denver Broncos, a team that has decided that they must win now because they have Peyton Manning, onto the Rockies because they have Troy Tulowitzki. That’s not how baseball works. Also, Tulo is under team control through 2020 and, you know, he’s not 39 years old and on the verge of retirement.

Look, I’m never going to celebrate a losing streak, but I hope we all learned our lesson. Don’t overreact to hot starts and don’t feed the Denver Post’s resident troll.