Question: what was Wilin Rosario doing?


One of my favorite things in all of sports is watching a baseball team celebrate a walk-off victory. Many of us who love baseball find it especially enjoyable to see that it still brings out the kid in these professional ball players who might otherwise be worn down by the grind of a long season.

That childlike enjoyment is awesome to watch. On different teams it takes different forms, often reflecting the distinct personalities of those teams.

Unfortunately some teams take things overboard on occasion, so taken with the joyfulness of the moment that their better judgment lapses. It is in these moments that players sometimes, most unfortunately, will injure themselves.

With that rambling bit of context to consider, I present to you the actions of one Wilin Rosario during the celebration of Justin Morneau‘s walk-off home run Sunday afternoon as baserunner Carlos Gonzalez crossed the plate.

Potential outcomes of this martial arts move or whatever this was include:

  • Rosario, still weak from the process of recovering from the flu, falls down after the attempted kick and injures himself
  • Rosario, still not totally thinking clearly, also because of aforementioned bout with the flu, misjudges the joke and actually kicks CarGo in the chest (easily the worst possible outcome)
  • CarGo, in an effort to dodge the kick, aggravates his already balky knee…again

I am many things; old-fashioned is not one of them. I love all forms of goofy celebrations and bat flips and almost anything in between. In almost every case I think people need to lighten up when it comes to such celebrations.

That said, it is my opinion that Rosario should knock it the hell off with the fake kicks.