Today: Rockies Bloggers Panel in Denver


One of the many great things about following and covering the Colorado Rockies is the interaction with fans and other writers. What is especially enjoyable about spending an evening watching the Rockies and commenting on what’s happening on Twitter is the great dynamic among bloggers, fans, and beat writers.

Disagreements are amicable. Most people have a healthy sense of humor. No shots are taken. In short, it’s pretty darn cool.

Having witnessed more contentious and nasty conversations about other teams on those same outlets, I genuinely appreciate how pleasant it is to interact with writers from other Rockies sites. I firmly believe that Rockies fans are fortunate in that there are a number of sites that each offer different and unique perspectives on what is happening with our team.

With that in mind, a serious tip of the cap is in order to Richard Bergstrom of Rockies Zingers. He has put together an awesome event for today, a Rockies Bloggers Panel at El Charrito in Denver at 3:00 P.M. Our own Michelle Stalnaker will be part of the panel, which also includes:

Bryan Kilpatrick – Purple Row
Jeff Aberle – Purple Row
Drew Creasman – Purple Row
David Martin – Rockies Review
Zach Marburger – Mile High Sports
Shayne Sharpe – Lightning Rod Sports
Tyler Maun – Purple Dinocast
Richard Bergstrom – Rockies Zingers
Michelle Stalnaker – Rox Pile
Matthew Repplinger – President of the Rocky Mountain SABR Chapter, Denver Browns general manager and author of “Baseball in Denver”

For those of you in Colorado, there is still plenty of time to put together your day and plan to be there. So be there. Thanks to Richard for putting this together, and here’s to the Rockies!

For more information, here is the event page: Rockies Bloggers Panel – El Charrito’s – May 17th at 3pm