Morning Links: Rockies News 5/13


David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies face a tough test this week. For all the well-deserved good vibes surrounding the team’s strong start through 40 games, they are coming off a series loss against the Cincinnati Reds and have lost three of their last four games.

That is not to sound the alarms and panic. That would certainly be inappropriate. But by that same token, if the Rockies lose two games in Kansas City against the Royals and go 2-5 on this road trip that will be a major buzz kill. The Rockies will try to prove that they can consistently hit on the road as they have occasionally so far this year while they start to juggle their options in the outfield when Michael Cuddyer returns from the disabled list.

Here’s what else is happening with the Rockies.

From Drew Creasman: Should the Rockies trade Michael Cuddyer or any of his outfield peers? (Purple Row)

"Innings-eating rotation guys can be a crapshoot at Coors, though (hello Jeremy Guthrie!), and any potential pitcher the Rockies could bring in for Cuddyer (bullpen or starter) should be measured against what the Rockies currently have within the organization.Daniel Winkler, Tyler Matzek, Eddie Butler, Jon Gray, and the returns of Brett Anderson and Tyler Chatwood are all things that can improve the Rockies pitching at no cost. If they are going to move Cuddyer, it has to be for someone who they’re confident in being better than all of those guys.”"

From Eric Garcia McKinley: The Meaning of a Great Start (Rockies Zingers)

"The 2014 Rockies have matched the best start in team history. The Colorado Rockies have played 40 of 162 games, for a record of 23-17 and winning percentage of .575. Over 162 games, that translates to 93 wins. It would greatly exceed pre-season expectations, but every year a handful of teams win at least that many games. So where are the 2014 Rockies? Are they in the midst of an extended and chimeric April? Have the Rockies transitioned to a warm summer of slow decline that began with a 5-0 shutout in Texas on May 8? One of the things about history is that it’s exceedingly difficult to interpret while in the moment.”"

From Benjamin Hochman: Troy Tulowitzki can carry Colorado Rockies a long way (Denver Post)

"The Rockies have two of their five starters on the 60-day disabled list. If this were March, you’d be thinking cellar — or, at least, trade-deadline sellers. But with the unbridled brilliance of starter Jordan “Sparky” Lyles (the Yankees’ Albert Walter Lyle won the 1977 AL Cy Young), Colorado is getting an unexpected boost. Expect the other fill-in starters to come back to earth, which means Tulowitzki’s performance in the first 81 games might be more important than in the second 81, when starters Brett Anderson and Tyler Chatwood are expected to return.”"