Gushing over Jon Gray

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Gray’s Pace

Whether a pitcher is a slow worker or a fast worker, the pace at which they work can be used to make throw hitters off their game. Jorge De La Rosa, as an example, works quite slowly. That might make hitters uncomfortable, so it’s not to say that pitchers must work quickly.

That said, I love it when pitchers work quickly. I love the rhythm of it, I love that it makes the defense happy, and I love how frazzled it visibly makes hitters when a fast worker is clicking. Most recently Rockies fans have heard about how much everybody loves the brisk pace at which Brett Anderson operates.

From what I can tell, Gray likes to stay near the rubber and work fast. I guess we don’t know for sure that he will pitch that way in the big leagues, but I enjoyed seeing it. Besides, it gives us an excuse to watch that fastball-slider GIF again with the downright dirty slider for a swing-and-miss.

And last, but most certainly not least…

Jon Gray’s specs

This is important. The Rockies are sorely lacking in the “pitchers who wear specs department.” That will improve immediately upon Gray’s arrival in the big leagues.