GIF: Nolan Arenado is just wonderful to watch


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies continue to receive dazzling plays from third baseman Nolan Arenado. He has been so good, in fact, that those around the team are starting to throw comments around that he is the best they have ever seen over there.

Among the many, many things one could say to to praise Arenado’s work at the hot corner, I will pitch in the following: it is amazing how he combines great picks and diving plays with the glove with a cannon of a right arm.

Like his colleague over at shortstop, one Troy Tulowitzki, Arenado makes these running and leaning throws with seeming effortlessness. More impressive yet, the throws are ridiculously accurate (also like Tulowitzki).

Check out Arenado’s play last night as he robbed New York Mets outfielder Chris Young:

This wasn’t even Arenado’s first gem of this Mets series, as he robbed David Wright in Thursday night’s game as well. The great thing about this play is the way Arenado handles the short hop:

As far as the Rockies are concerned, it might be just as big a story this season if Arenado’s bat breaks out; the potential of this lineup with Arenado hitting at a high level is frightening. That said, Arenado’s defense is so ridiculously good that he might always be known for that first…and that might not be a bad thing.