GIF: Juan Nicasio does it all


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

You might think that all Juan Nicasio has to offer is an electric and often inconsistent repertoire of pitches, dispatched once every five days against a Colorado Rockies opponent.

You would be wrong.

Do you want to see an opposite field shot from Nicasio the batter? Do you want to see him deliver a competent looking swing in which he appears to intentionally go with a pitch that was left up by Bartolo Colon? I thought you would.

How about a closer look at just that Nicasio swing? You’ve got it.

As far as pitcher’s swings go, Nicasio has quite the tendency to step “in the bucket,” as it were, or have his front side fly completely open. Not so on this swing, as he just picked up his left foot on his load and then put it back down. Not too shabby, and kudos to him for making Colon pay for leaving that pitch up in the zone.

The Rockies need Nicasio to establish a certain measure of consistency on the mound if their starting rotation is going to survive without Tyler Chatwood. This seven inning outing against the Mets was a step in the right direction in that regard. And if he brings a little bit of offense on the side? Besides the fact that it is entertaining to watch, that’s just gravy.