MLB Season Predictions 2014: Colorado Rockies need these five things to happen

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies, as has been the case the last number of years, are not getting a lot of love in the preseason predictions for the 2014 MLB season. It is perfectly reasonable on the part of the people making said predictions not to expect much from this team.

The occasional analyst or writer will note, however, that the Rockies could be a dangerous team if things break right. Given the fact that they find themselves in the same division as the Los Angeles Dodgers, however, the Rockies truly need the stars to align if they are going to be contenders.

Here are five things the Colorado Rockies need to see happen in 2014. Before proceeding the reader will kindly note the extreme nature of some of these items. These are often the claims reserved for a “bold predictions” type column. These are not predictions as much as they are things that need to break right for the Rockies to win 90 games, which was last year’s mark for the second Wild Card spot.

Even with talent, the Rockies are far enough behind the rest of the division that it will take some exaggerated things to happen for them to rise up. Here they are.