Dexter Fowler doesn’t know who the Colorado Rockies general manager is, but who does?

David Manning


A source close to the situation with the Colorado Rockies has provided me with inside information to answer the burning question that is on everybody’s mind.

I asked my source: who is the official general manager of the Colorado Rockies?

His response:

That Dexter Fowler did not know is less intriguing than the actual tone of the disgruntled quotes delivered by former Rockie and current Houston Astro center fielder (from the Houston Chronicle):

"I’m still trying to figure out where they’re coming from…’Passion for the game’ – I mean, you see me each and every day. This will never change. So I don’t know where that was coming from. Dan’s never in the clubhouse, so he probably never sees any of that.I don’t even know who’s the GM. I think everybody over there is still wondering who really is the GM … Dan and (Geivett) are just both coexisting.”"

This is sad because it confirms that there were hard feelings as Fowler, a crowd favorite, was sent out of Colorado. It also confirms what we already figured to be true: it is unclear if Dan O’Dowd, Bill Geivett, or some combination of the two is the GM of our beloved team.

Confirmed: nobody knows who the real general manager of the Colorado Rockies is. Not even the players or former players, disgruntled or otherwise.