Troy Tulowitzki close to returning to action for Colorado Rockies


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As the final weeks of the season approach and the Colorado Rockies tune things up for Opening Day, there is a single story line that stands above the rest in terms of importance.

Troy Tulowitzki‘s ability to stay healthy.

As Tulo works his way back from a calf bruise sustained against the Arizona Diamondbacks when Wade Miley hit him with a pitch, it sounds like things are going well. Barring any setbacks, Tulo sounds like he will be ready for Opening Day (quotes from

"It feels pretty good, just normal inflammation and bruises, so we’re trying to get that inflammation and fluid out of there…Once that is done, I’ll be back on the field.If I had a timetable, I know I’m not in there today, possibly tomorrow. If not tomorrow, I know we have an off-day [Tuesday], so coming off that off-day would be the day. If I was ready, I’d be in there, but I’m not ready yet.”"

Not all injuries are created equal, and this does not seem like the type of injury that signals a return of Tulo’s injury prone past. If that’s the case, Tulo should be able to finish resting the injury and be good to go for the 2014 season.