This week in Colorado Rockies home runs: Nolan Arenado, Carlos Gonzalez, and Wilin Rosario


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It might only be Spring Training, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy some Colorado Rockies home runs. Let’s take a look at the blasts from the week that just passed.

3. Nolan Arenado – less hype, more hope

Remember last spring when the Rockies’ fan community was dialed in on and borderline obsessed with Arenado’s ascension to the big leagues? Every at-bat, every step in the progress was magnified as we created quite the hype for his Major League debut.

At the time we knew that he was the top prospect in the organization. What we probably didn’t know was that he was going to arrive with the big club and play transcendent defense. So here we are now, and hype has been replaced by hope. If Arenado’s offense catches up with his defense he will be one of the key players for the Rockies. At least that’s what we’re hoping will happen.

2. Carlos Gonzalez – a beautiful, wonderful, aesthetically pleasing home run

For some reason the “eye test” has become a point of contention in baseball and in sports in general the last few years. Whatever your feelings on that topic, we can agree about one thing: CarGo passes the eye test every single time he does something on a baseball field. This home run off Jered Weaver was no exception.

1. Wilin Rosario – utterly powerful as he punishes a baseball

In terms of pure, raw power, Rosario has to be among the top guys in all of baseball. He continues to make progress in terms of strikeouts, dealing with off-speed stuff, and hitting the ball the other way. Those improvements are reflected in his .292/.315/.486 slash line last season. Hopefully that progress will continue, but in the meantime we can always stand to take a step back and remember what made everybody excited about him as a prospect in the first place.

A.J. Griffin got too much of the plate with this one, and the ball left the yard in a hurry.

It’s like they always say about the Rockies: you never worry about their offense, right?