Keith Law Says ‘David Dahl Looks Like Elite Prospect Again’


Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In an Insider only piece on ESPN, Keith Law, a former assistant for the Toronto Blue Jays and a respected scout, opined on a number of Rockies. At least to me, the most intriguing of those guys is David Dahl. David Dahl is still a highly regarded prospect- top 100 on every list, and top 50 on some- but he isn’t nearly as highly regarded as he was before last season. Last year was admittedly a lost season for Dahl. He battled a number of injuries including a torn hamstring, and also was suspended for insubordination. Dahl ended up the season with just 42 plate appearances. This year, though, it looks like he has put those problems behind him. Law opines that he is in the best shape of his life, and goes as far as to say that given his ability, he should have a breakout season.

This is important, because David Dahl could be a very important player for the Colorado Rockies. Right now, he is playing center field, and it doesn’t look like he will have to move to the corner. That’s convenient because, as you might have noticed, the Rockies don’t have an established center fielder. The talk about who should be the starting CF is intriguing and all, but it would be nice to have one good center fielder to take over for Dexter Fowler. Right now it looks like they have a number of suitable options, but Dahl could be the guy who takes over the center field job for good in a few years. He is fast, and hit .379 in 306 plate appearances in 2012, his only real taste of professional baseball. He also has solid power, and hit 10 triples in those 306 plate appearances, which could easily translate to homers as he grows older and stronger. The most important thing is that it appears that David Dahl, who is still a ways away from Coors Field, is back on track. Law thinks he will be a top-20 prospect this time last year, and it looks like last season was a speed bump for Dahl, rather than the new norm. So don’t be surprised when, in two years, David Dahl is starting in center field for the Colorado Rockies.