Colorado Rockies Plan of Action: Don’t start fighting the Arizona Diamondbacks


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Exclusive: here’s how the Arizona Diamondbacks are preparing for their season opening series against the unwritten-rule-breaking Los Angeles Dodgers.


Come to think of it, let’s make sure to not fight the Dodgers either, even if they do go play in the fountains in Coors Field.

OK. Let’s also not fight the San Diego Padres. Say, what’s up with the NL West anyway?

You likely know the news by now: the Colorado Rockies will be without shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for a few days thanks to a deep calf bruise sustained when Wade Miley hit him with a pitch on Wednesday. That HBP may or may not have been retaliation for the fact that Mark Trumbo got dinged earlier in the game. Then a pitcher named Raul Fernandez threw behind Miguel Montero, and now things are all tense.

The Rockies do not need this to linger into the regular season and become a thing. That would be true regardless of the opponent, but it is especially true with the chippy, gritty, short-tempered Diamondbacks.

This team is relying on enough injury prone players as it is. The last thing they need to do is start brawling, with the Diamondbacks or anybody else in the division. Also it’s stupid.