The 2014 Colorado Rockies: What to cheer against

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Cheer against advanced stats

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So you think DJ LeMahieu is a good starting second baseman? You think Jhoulys Chacin can repeat some of the good luck that brought his great results in 2014? You think Michael Cuddyer isn’t that bad in right field?

The best baseball writers who use advanced stats will tell you that those numbers are only part of the puzzle. Contrary to the stigma attached to “stat guys” by talking heads like Michael Wilbon, they do not believe every single thing in baseball can be explained by numbers (I think).

Projections for guys like LeMahieu and Cuddyer, among others on the Rockies, are not kind. That doesn’t mean they won’t play well or be key contributors this season. They just represent opportunities to cheer against the analytics.