Morning Links: Rockies News 3/2


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies are now two games into their Cactus League schedule. While it is too early to glean any significant interpretations or projections from the results, there have been promising signs early. That includes a nice game from Nolan Arenado on Saturday and some good returns early from the pitching staff. In addition to the usual story lines, we will all keep our eyes on the health of key players.

Here’s what else is happening with the Rockies and around the division:

From Woody Paige: This Butler is a prospect, not a suspect (Denver Post)

"Butler doesn’t lack, either, for the two-seam sinker, a four-seam fastball that reached triple digits last season, a superb changeup and a tantalizing slider. Plus, he talks and throws like “Nuke” LaLoosh out of “Bull Durham.”In 2012, he was 7-1 (2.13 ERA) with Grand Junction. Last year he started at Asheville (5-1, 1.66), was quickly promoted to Modesto, then to Tulsa, where he gave up only two runs in six starts (0.65). He didn’t permit a hit in one inning of work at The Futures all-star game.”"

From  Michael Dixon: Carlos Gonzalez: Weighing Fantasy Good and Bad of Rockies Star (Fantasy Baseball Cracker Jacks)

"But from a fantasy point of view, we’re talking about the inability to stay on the field. He’s only 28, been a big leaguer for four seasons and never played more than 145 games — and that was four years ago. Over the last three years, he’s never topped 135 and that’s not what you want to see out of someone getting closer to 30. No, 28 isn’t old, but it’s not young when we’re talking about someone who couldn’t even stay on the field in his mid-20′s.”"

From Adrian Garcia: Good News On Matt Kemp And That Beautiful Swing (Lasorda’s Lair)

"Forget MVP production, give me a mid 800 OPS player playing the OF regularly, batting around Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez, Yasiel Puig in some manner and you have something special. Being quite honest it’s probably a good thing he’s not going to be ready for the opener, let him heal on his own, come back, mash major league pitching, and win a comeback player of the year award.”"

From Mark O’Neill: Just Being Neighborly? Should the Giants Share AT&T with the A’s? (Around the Foghorn)

"Just think of it as two good neighbors, chatting over the back fence. Considering that the Giants protested loudly when the A’s tried recently to encroach on the Giants’ territorial rights, by relocating to San Jose, this comes as a surprise to me.”"