Troy Tulowitzki: ‘If we get back to winning, that’ll quiet everybody’


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies have shortstop Troy Tulowitzki under team control through the year 2020. There are some complications financially on the back end of that deal, but technically he has a deal to play with the Rockies until then.

That is easy to forget as the trade winds swirl around Tulo. Some rumors make his departure from Colorado sound so inevitable that you forget that it would take a trade for him to leave. Tulo addressed those dynamics and discussed what it will take to quiet the rumors surrounding his future (quotes from

"It’s crazy…I feel like after this year I’m almost a free agent, and the Yankees are one of the teams I might go to. That’s really the sense I’ve gotten because of the reporters that came and asked me the same question…“…I gave them the same answer every time. If we get back to winning, that’ll quiet everybody. But the assumption out there is that we will be bad and I’m going to be on the market because they can’t handle the contract.“Deep down inside, I really think we’re going to be good, and I won’t have to worry about that.”"

The rumors discussed here have gained serious traction because of national voices like Tom Verducci, so they are not going anywhere anytime soon. For us and for the Rockies that just means we have to hope that Tulo is right and that a winning season is on the way, one that will help keep him with the franchise for a long time.