The crack of Carlos Gonzalez’s bat is different than the cracks of other bats


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Be warned: I am about to indulge a number of baseball and spring training cliches with this Rox Pile entry, including:

  • Grainy photos and videos, taken by hardworking beat writers, to make us all excited about baseball’s return (though to be fair to Troy Renck, this video is pretty stellar quality)
  • The crack of the bat as a welcome sound, triggering the baseball romantic in us all to wax poetic about the return of our beloved game
  • The notion it just sounds different when the game’s elite players hit a baseball…the crack of the bat is just a little bit louder, or so it goes

But guess what? I fully buy into all of those cliches and rituals of this time of year: I am that happy to see baseball, that excited to hear the crack of the bat, and that impressed anytime I ever see/hear Carlos Gonzalez hit the ball.

CarGo’s crack of the bat is different, though I maintain I will never hear a (baseball) sound like when I saw/heard Barry Bonds hit a third deck home run live at Coors Field. Everything about that home run felt cinematic, like there’s no way something that grand could occur in real life.

It is with all of that said that I present to you video of CarGo taking BP, courtesy of Renck’s Twitter feed.