Morning Links: Rockies News 2/13


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies, like most teams around Major League Baseball, are gearing up for that magic day when pitchers and catchers report. We are starting to get glimpses of guys who have reported early, who is hoping to make an impact, potential wrinkles in strategy, and so on. There will certainly be no shortage of stories for the Rockies in the next two months.

Here is a look at what has been happening and what people have been saying about the team:

From Drew Creasman: David Dahl talks with Purple Row (Purple Row):

"David Dahl: At first, the work for my injury was to just rest it and let the healing process begin. It was a very slow process to get it healed. It started to feel really good in September and that’s when I went out to Cali to really start strengthening it. As of now it feels great with no problems. It’s like I never even had an injury in the first place.”"

From David Martin: Who are the 2014 Colorado Rockies? (Rockies Review):

"If everything goes exactly according to plan, the team should compete. The problem is, how often does everything go exactly according to plan? In 2009 the Rockies had five starting pitchers with 10 or more wins. That says that everyone stayed healthy. The odds of five starting pitchers staying healthy for an entire season is so rare that it may be another generation before it happens again.”"

From Adam Wells: Complete Colorado Rockies 2014 Spring Training Preview (Bleacher Report):

"The Rockies have tried to address some of their pitching problems this offseason, taking on a low-risk, high-reward arm like Brett Anderson, a player they can try to sign long term or trade at midseason if he pitches well early in 2014.It’s an interesting collection of talent that could put together a winning season with a little luck—or fall off a cliff if injuries pile up on key players like they have in the past.”"