Wilin Rosario in Right Field: A Poem

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Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

Wilin Rosario might play right field for the Colorado Rockies this season. The possibility first emerged when the team was pursuing Brian McCann and Carlos Ruiz. Had the team landed one of those guys, Rosario would have seen significant time at first base and, yes, in right field (or so we heard). Now that the team has re-committed to Rosario as the primary catcher with Jordan Pacheco as his back-up, we have nothing to fear, right?

Not so fast my friends.

Now that we know the Rockies have this thought in their heads, a scenario like this is still very much in play:

“Welcome everybody, and thanks for joining us on a majestic evening here in LoDo. I’m Drew Goodman, with my partner George Frazier. Well George, it’s not your usual lineup for the Rockies tonight. Injuries to Michael Cuddyer and Justin Morneau have forced the Rockies to get creative. Wilin Rosario has caught three nights in a row, but you know Walt Weiss wants his big bat in the lineup…”

With that, I present to you a poem about ‘the Bull’ playing right field for the Rockies: