Troy Tulowitzki says he is ready for leadership role in 2014


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Citing a healthy off-season that has not required him to rehab or work his way back from injury, Troy Tulowitzki says that he is confident and ready to go for the 2014 season.

Speaking at Rockies FanFest this past weekend, Tulowitzki discussed his expectations and how he plans to be a leader for the team this year. About his health, Tulo said the following (quotes courtesy of Thomas Harding at

"I’ve definitely worked on a lot of different things, and hopefully those things become apparent in the games…Maybe you won’t be able to see that when I come into Spring Training, but I’m in good position to get the year started. But I’m going to let my play do its talking for me.”"

As for his role as a leader on the team, especially with Todd Helton‘s retirement, Tulo said:

"I’m excited for this opportunity…This is the first time I won’t be able to look over at Todd and see him answering questions and always being the older guy.”"

Troy Tulowitzki plays hard, cares deeply about winning, chose to remain in Colorado long-term, and stays in trouble off the field. In spite of all of that, he finds himself the subject of frustration and disdain among some Rockies fans. Of course it’s frustrating that he gets hurt a lot, but I do not understand how that becomes a reason not to like a player. Anyhow, it will take a successful season from Tulowitzki in terms of production and leadership to sway some perceptions and point the Rockies the right direction.